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My Friend, Thayne draws inspiration from an Uber Driver in his latest single,

"Windows" feat. LBEZ & Sean Patrick

Windows (feat. LBEZ & Sean PatrickMy Friend, Thayne
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So many of us go from wasting 8, 10, 15 hours of our days at work only to realize we all feel the same. This revelation dawned on Hip-Hop/Pop artist My Friend, Thayne as he listened to the story of his nameless rideshare driver. “He said ‘I quit driving cabs and got my freedom by betting on myself’. He said he never felt more free. I don’t think he intended to be inspiring in that moment, but he really was”. It was this conversation that led My Friend Thayne to write the line, ‘I worked this hard to break even. So when I stunt I don’t need reasons.’  Dropping on June 19, 2021, listeners will roll down the metaphorical “Window” of what it means to truly find their freedom. “It’s important to remember,” My Friend, Thayne shares, “We all have no idea how much that person put in to take this one moment out or to purchase that one expensive thing.”


For My Friend, Thayne, the creation of “Windows” transcends the song itself as he’s formed long lasting bonds with his collaborators. Beginning the hook and first verse as a foundation, the song really took form with a 24-hour turnaround from LBEZ. “I sent him over what I had done and he texted me within like 5 minutes saying he had it and would send it over tomorrow. I was like ‘WHAT?!’. It’s even crazier that I sent it to Sean after I got LBEZ’s part and he did the same thing”.  “I guess it resonated” My Friend, Thayne jokes while reflecting on how quickly the song came together. From there, with a natural kind of synergy, “Windows” has quickly become an opportunity for My Friend, Thayne to shine the light on his extremely talented friend group. 


My Friend, Thayne got his start as the Frontman Hip-Hop/Pop-Punk band, Dear Tatiana. 

While with Dear Tatiana, After writing and self-producing both Dear Tatiana EPs, My Friend, Thayne and Dear Tatiana took to the road and opened for artists ranging from Hopeless Record’s Driver Friendly to rising hip-hop artists like Skizzy Mars and Philly’s Groud Up. 

Named a “dead ringer for Childish Gambino” in SunFest’s Local Native’s Blog, Dear Tatiana opened for Zeale and Kaskade on The Ford Stage during 2015’s SunFest Music Festival. That same year, Dear Tatiana’s “Came Here To Win” was used as the Orlando Magic’s losing song during the 2017-2018 season.


A song for the hardworking hustlers, My Friend, Thayne wants listeners to give themselves permission to relax. “You gotta take in the moment around you. Roll down the windows, let the breeze in, and really feel it cause you really are further than you were yesterday, last week, last month, last year. Just take some time to give yourself some credit.” 

FFO: Joyner Lucas, Childish Gambino, IDK, Chance The Rapper


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RELEASE DATE: "Windows"(single) - June 19, 2021