A highly-skilled and complete hip-hop artist with an inventive, individual style that blends classic grooves and lyricism with modern messages and motivation. He isn’t just a producer, rapper, beatmaker, or songwriter; he’s all of those things at once and more.

  For the last four years, My Friend, Thayne has fronted the American rap group Dear Tatiana, which assisted him in developing his sound and musical sensibilities. He has also produced a wide variety of hip-hop performers including LBEZ, IamPvyne, ItsMEZ, and Justyce. Most recently, My Friend, Thayne came together with LBEZ to create the Run The Jewels-influenced hip-hop duo The Holdover, another outlet for his unique and commercial talents.


There’s nothing cold or unemotional about My Friend, Thayne or the music he makes. He is a deeply-soulful creator with knowledge and wisdom to spread and the abilities required to share it with the world. Anyone looking for a fresh, compelling voice in today’s often derivative music scene is advised to give My Friend, Thayne some serious listening time starting today.

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